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the reason people dont even take male victims of sexual abuse seriously is  directly because of misogyny and outdated gender roles… so the fact that people use it as an argument against feminism when it literally just further proves how much we need it … is laughable to me.

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Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend submits photo evidence of abuse




I know I said I won’t post about this woman beater anymore but anyone who still believes he did not abused her needs to wake up. She has tons of evidence and all KHJ has released was “I did date her and hit her and broke her ribs but it was a one time thing”

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In the Kpop fandom, the fact that there are some fans that think a male idol could never EVER do any wrong even if he did something horrific such as abuse and assault his significant other, yet if a female idol were to so much as sneeze she’s suddenly the scum of the earth speaks so much to the extremely worrying trend of misogyny in this fandom. 

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When you actually think of it, what SM did to Jessica, Kris did for himself.

SM didn’t let him follow his dreams, he left them behind and is now free to do what he wants.
In the case of Jessica, SM didn’t want her to follow her dreams and before she could do anything about it they just fired…

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How JYP acts when someone talks about marriage: congratulates them and throws them a party, lets them have a baby but still remain in the group saying that they will always be a part of it.
How SM acts when someone talks about marriage: sends them a text and tells them they’re out of the group and hands them their luggage, then proceeds to erase them from the group like they never happened.

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"01.01 Yoona & Lee Seung Gi dating.
01.02 Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho dating.
04.01 Hyoyeon & Kim Jun Hyung assult/dating/broken up.
04.03 Tiffany & Nickhun dating.
04.11 Shindong & Kang Shi Nae dating.
05.14 Kris leaves Exo.
06.18 Taeyeon & Baekhyun dating.
07.23 F(x) abruptly ends Red Light promotions.
07.24 Sulli goes on an indefinite hiatus.
08.19 Sulli & Choiza dating.
09.13 Jessica & Tyler Kwon marriage rumors.
09.24 Luna dating rumors.
09.25 Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun dating.
09.29 Jessica dropped from SNSD."
2014, SM scandals  (via exodirtyconfessions)

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"As of 2014 the only idol groups in SM that have all of their members are Shinee and Red Velvet."The Great Downfall (via exodirtyconfessions)

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